Introducing Episode Seven – Occupy

Anarchy Bang is a weekly call in talk show where we sit around the digital campfire and talk about our favorite topics. This week we will try to have an conversation about Occupy, The Occupy Movement, and what anarchists learned by participating in it. Beware before we begin that I edited a book at the very end of 2011 called Occupy Everything: Anarchists in the Occupy Movement so I may be biting my tongue more than usual. I do not think all the anarchist tools were deployed in an expression of People Power in 2011 but instead that there were amazing anarchistic things done in a very constrained environment and that the anarchist rhetoric was largely responsible for the particular burnout suffered by many of our anarchist friends. I’d like to believe that another occupy would bring a new generation of enthusiastic people out of their homes, off their screens, and into face to face collision but I’d also like to believe that a new event would be tactical rather than strategic, more universal in its attitudes against the police (against, but also against cop logic more generally), and more fun!

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