Introducing Episode 48 – Conflict

This is the end. Not the end of talking, of course, but the end of this particular project of trying to talk at and with people. Especially about anarchism. Especially with phones. But mostly the project exceeded the format and the audience and excitement build as much as we could have reasonable expected given how niche our project was. This was particularly funny when we got callers who had no idea what anarchism is.

This week we are going to discuss conflict. It seems all anarchists would be into conflict but interpersonal, gut wrenching, gnarly self-abnegation doesn’t seem to be every persons favorite. Why is that? And for those who seem to be cheerleaders for conflict, what has it done for you? Has it cleared your acne? or just you address book? What is the difference between conflict and #attack or insurrection or the fucking revolution as you see fit?

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  1. Nicolas Dupont

    Revolution, insurrections, require a minimum of consensus between individuals, be they a small tactical unit or a larger group, whereas conflict, imho, belongs to dissensus, and remains individual issues. Personally, i create consensus easily : people dislike me, thus keep me away from them, for they consider that i am too negative and criticize everything, pinpoint about details that they usually don’t know whether it is or not relevant to do so (therefore, the safety zone dictates automatism : that must be irrelevant). Dissensual, contrarian, heyoka, whatsoever : what matters should be to not become caricaturally systematic, and eventually, to try to rise objectivity above subjectivity (for want of better words than those simplistic dichotomies). Conventions must be questioned always, because they are agglomerated subjectivities leading to the tyranny of the norms. Objectivity, although sounding idealistically abstract, would be in a way a necessary premise, the perceptual plateau from which reason transcends itself in order to reach spiritual warriordom. Conflicts, as i see things, are just petty phases in forging insurrections, that may elevate to a revolution, but if and only if this inner state of spiritual warriordom is attained ; conflicts are training.

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