Introducing Episode Sixteen – Anarchist Responses To The Mainstream Nightmare

A couple individuals has asked how “post left” anarchists respond, in practical terms, to the rise of the right, to the impact of daily immiseration, and the general rise of the ick. I can’t speak for a position I do not hold (and that generally should be thought of as a critique and not a position) but if there is something different about second wave anarchy (broadly defined as an anarchist position informed by May 68 rather than Spain of 36) let’s discuss it and think about it. Insurrection rather than revolution? About individuals rather than categories? Perhaps about categories rather than classes? About reach rather than grasp? Let’s talk about new(er) ideas in anarchy and how they have and have not given us more practical ideas about anarchist practice. This Sunday at noon (PST) call in for live discussion. The rest of the week for downloads and whatnot.

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