Introducing Episode 34 – Identity Politics

A few weeks ago the IAC ( wrapped up with an all-too-familiar identity politics denouncement of the organizer(s) and some of the participants. There was little to report, as the person who denounced showed as much respect for the environment as one would expect (given that they came from Brooklyn to show the hayseeds from Arizona what for).
But a couple things are worth mentioning. One, ten years ago this would have been a show stopper. No one in the room would have been able to stop themselves from responding (aka feeding the fire). Two, many, too many, were surprised and enlightened by the denouncement and wanted to take the accusations seriously.
This week on Anarchy Band we will discuss what it means to take strangers; we’ll discuss what is to be learned (and not) from the recent essay about Identity Politics by Lupus Dragonown Against Identity Politics – Spectres, Joylessness, and the contours of ressentiment (, and where the differences lay between Identity and “The Unique One” if any.

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