Introducing Episode 38 – Group Logic, pro and con

We’d like to hear from you, either live during the show or by email before hand on your experience with anarchist groups. When have they done a great job of whatever-your-goal-was and when have they done a crummy job. We desperately need to be in physical space with each other but rarely do our groups do what we aspire to. How can we improve our groups? Do we make them more open (to new people and new ideas) or do we make them more rigorous (think Federations and their ideal of coherence and focus)?

If we were to discuss examples it would be about scale. Do we create anarchist groups to put on events or to take on the world? Event based groups seem very small in the scale of the things we’d like to accomplish in the world. Why have we become so humble? Have we become less ambitious or has the world humbled us? If you were going to fix anarchist groups would you aspire to bigger project or a more discipline cadre? Would you make anarchism great again or just aspire to do more interesting things?