Episode 33 – Anarchist Buddhism

This was a very informed episode on all things Buddhist Anarchism. Three different schools of thought were represented. We discussed meditation, violence, activism, the conjoined form, the three jewels, the four noble truths, and the eight-fold path.

These books were discussed (more will be added as cohosts get back to me)

  • Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha, Daniel M. Ingram.
  • The Mind Illuminated , Culudasa John Yates
  • “The Noble Eightfold Path: Way to the End of Suffering” by Bhikku Bodhi. This is a good short introduction to (Theravada) Buddhism.
  • “Confession of a Buddhist Atheist” by Stephen Batchelor. Talks some about Batchelor’s time spent as a monk in Vajrayana Buddhism, then Zen Buddhism, then as a Buddhist atheist.
  • “Decolonizing Anarchism: An Antiauthoritarian History of India’s Liberation Struggle” by Maia Ramnath. This book contains a little bit in it about Har Dayal and his “Bakunin Institute of California”.
  • “Dharma Bums” by Jack Kerouac. This describes what Gary Snyder was like as a young man, as well as illustrates some of Kerouac’s time spent as a Buddhist traveller kid in the Bay Area.
  • “The Real Work: Interviews & Talks 1964 – 1979” by Gary Snyder. A lot of Snyder’s best buddhist anarchist ramblings are contained here.
  • Zen Flesh, Zen Bones – compiled by Paul Reps
  • red thread zen – Susan Murphy 
  • The Heart Sutra – translation + commentary by Red Pine
  • Zen Anarchism – the egalitarian dharma of Uchiyama Gudo
  • Each Moment is the Universe – Dainin Katagiri
  • Original Dwelling Place – Robert Aitken 
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