Podcast: Anarchy Bang

  • Episode 41: Social vs Anti-Social Anarchism

    Great conversation this week. Large gathering of conversants. Much Anarchy was discussed. Here was the editorial. -A! My understanding of antisocial anarchism came through my involvement with “platformist” anarchists in […]

  • Episode Nine: Anarchist Principles

    Principles and transgressions When one becomes an anarchist it is often in the context of a simple coda. No State, No masters, no capitalism. A purely negative definition that is […]

  • Episode Eight

    Editorial: Too many ends I have always been ambivalent about the end of the world. I grew up around Christians who were really into it and there was even a […]

  • Episode Seven

    Editorial: Occupy was and is a Rorschach test If David Graeber is to be believed then NYC Occupy was in the grand american democratic tradition. This is taken from the […]

  • Episode Four – Capitalism

    How to talk about capitalism? Anarchists have largely agreed on the big two. Central to our politics is opposition to the State, or as we discussed last week the monopoly […]

  • Episode Three

    This episode was about violence and how it distracts The conversation about violence is rarely a good one. Violence is referred to as if it is a choice, an individual […]