Introducing Episode Nine – Anarchist Principles

This week we will try to have an conversation about anarchist principles. In a forgotten past anarchist principles were how anarchists didn’t participate in infighting. We were in solidarity with each other. We helped a comrade out (with our marginal resources) because we believed that it was through mutual aid that we were stronger than those who did not have the Beautiful Idea. And because it all mattered we associated with each other freely (including in love). How has this past sensibility informed anarchist practice today and how have things changed? Do we still maintain the old principles or has the anarchist space gotten too large and only local team principles apply? Has media (especially so-called social media) made things better or worse?

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2 Replies to “Introducing Episode Nine – Anarchist Principles”

  1. Soup & Oyster

    This was an entertaining show especially with the government trained trolls 🙂 The question of strategy versus tactics was an interesting one to raise. It sounded like it is hard at the end to have any principles.I would revisit this topic yearly. Like the three hosts and how some rotate. Keeps things fresh.
    And have a good week. (non-order) 🙂

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