Introducing Episode Fourteen – Violence

This week we are going to discuss violence. Does anarchism require consent from everyone? If it does is it necessarily pacifistic? If it doesn’t is it militaristic and/or terroristic? How do we judge where the lines of demarcation live?

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Our history is violence. Is our future too?

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  1. Waldemar

    Great show! I guess I stand corrected on last weeks anti-topic criticism. I actually thought Z’s call was sad and unfortunate, but ultimately hilarious! By the way, congratulations on achieving the status of a “cartel”, I had no idea (surely I jest). But seriously, the first call was an exciting opener, yet I must disagree with Z……. THIS IS A GAME! Saying otherwise is only the most recent move in the game that Z is playing at. Of course I’m thinking hear Alejandro de Acosta’s A Funny Thought on a New Way to Play. But I get it ….’READING IS FOR PUSSIES MAN!’, blah blah blah. Anyway everything was great in this one, that SI inspired email and the last caller were both excellent.

    Hear are some questions and topic ideas. Is doxing an act of violence? Is it ineffective? Is call-out culture mostly just a product of the internet, or is it also a result of the mainstreaming of Maoist ideologies and strategies? Is it inaccurate to suggest that Maoist ideas have seeped into societies mainstream (I honestly don’t know but isn’t unconscious Maoism sometimes a thing now)? In AJODA #46 an article called “Is Cultural Studies Maoist?” suggested that Maoist French intellectuals influenced the ideas of academia via the cultural studies curriculums in the US and abroad. Is this just a sensationalist conspiracy theory? How much of post-modernism is influenced by, or the direct result of Maoist ideas and how big of an influence do you think that has had? And finally are Maoist influences still disrupting anarchist spaces or is it all about the internet destroying f2f interactions? Thanks!

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