Introducing Episode 25 – Nihilism

About 17 years ago I made a proposal. Rather than saying that “do nothing” should be a call to leisure. I called for destruction for its own sake and without the lock-in of historical determinism or even a declaration of an end game. My thought, at the time and now, is that there is no end game when it comes to politics and that a bit of destruction, or nihilism would be a nice palatte cleanser. Time has changed and politics, of the reform away the bad variety, is more popular than ever so it’s a great time to revisit nihilism by the small definition I prefer and the big definition that seems to appeal to a new school of kids who basically mean social media mob rules. What worked and what did not insofar as nihilism goes. Is anything worth revisiting. This week includes Damo in house, Ian on the horn, and who knows who else?

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  1. Max

    Is now the time for the Complete Revolution Party?
    Can we have a political party that is just a complete refurbishment platform?

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