Episode 14 – Violence redux

Or “Punching Bob Black”

This is our second discussion about violence. The first focused on the monopoly on violence that the State holds and is perhaps fairly defined as a central definition of the State. This episode concerns the question of means and ends. If the first conversation focused on the State this episode concerns our response to the State. Is Revolutionary violence possible and what does that look like in this new era of decolonization, #woke politics, and anti-police protest that rarely is grumpier than marching in circles? A nothing wakes one up like a circle march. Like a circle pit but much slower, cleaner, with no one going reverse-y for a giggle.

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  1. Soup & Oyster

    That was an interesting dynamic. No real spammers and Z starting things off with some rants. An unusual delayed introduction. The two hours went by very quickly and the topics raised about what is violence, which parties can be violent, anarchy and consent, and more. The provocative title did catch my attention.

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