Episode 35: Gun Violence and Anarchy

This episode was a responsible discussion about Gun Violence, Terrorism, and what we think can be done about broken men. Lots of fast talking conversation is had. Join us!

2 Replies to “Episode 35: Gun Violence and Anarchy”

  1. Skelton Jon

    It’s unfortunate that the loudest mouth has the least interesting things to say. That being said, I would love to hear James in the LBC-UNIverse more often.

  2. Andy M

    Guns are just one way in which there can be power imbalances between individuals enabled by tech. As tech grows, the power of the bad actor grows exponentially.

    People are easily scared by this power imbalance and will gladly cede more rights and power to the state in exchange for fake security blankets.
    So weirdly, the growth of tech leads us towards a totalitarian state. An armed population is one defense against an easy transition towards totalitarianism.

    Post chch shootings, a very strange vibe descended on the city. Jordan Peterson books were banned, the name of the shooter and his manifesto was censored (by PM and NZ chief censor) . A massive shift towards the right, enabled by the left wing govt to combat an ultra right nut job. The word ‘Islamophobia’ has become a way to shut down discussion.

    We need free speech to talk and move forward as a society. The way to combat evil is by shining a light on it, not letting it fester in the dark.

    In an future society we have to accept that bad actors will have extreme power, and this can’t be stopped (open source 3d printed weapons, digital virus/exploits, social influence). The problem is not how to stop them, it’s how to prevent them from turning bad. This means a society that doesn’t create depression.

    Christchurch, NZ

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