Introducing Episode thirteen – Structure and topics

This week we are going to discuss structure in conversations, presentations, and in how anarchists present information. This week’s discussion is inspired by Waldemar and their comment on Episode 12. Have our discussions up till now been too abstract and removed from daily life? Do conversations benefit or suffer for structure? If our goal is to grow the conversation how have we done so far? What could we do to improve?

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2 Replies to “Introducing Episode thirteen – Structure and topics”

  1. heron

    I personally really like all the hosts and enjoying hearing their opinions and ideas. However, I feel the structure of the show keeps the discussion at a very superficial and unsatisfying level. To my mind critique is the post-left anarchist’s strongest muscle but the broad open ended topic structure leads to something closer to “musings”. If you think about the AJODA letters section, people stated a well thought out position and then other people responded. With the current structure, you wander across a number of interesting ideas but they just hang there in the wind because either the hosts are forced to quickly respond to complicated stuff on the spot or you get another call/email and that completely changes the direction of the discussion. There is no shape or momentum.

    To use a musical metaphor, if you want to jam with new people, don’t start with a fully developed song and force everyone to try to follow along but also don’t just noodle around, jumping from one riff to the next. Start a simple groove that invites people to join and add to, take turns soloing and exploring but keep the groove moving underneath. Things can evolve and shift but it happens slowly and deliberately, always part of the larger piece. It all starts with the statement of a simple and clear idea for others to build upon.

  2. Nettle

    Great feedback, thanks. As one of the co-hosts I agree that staying in a groove more or less on topic has been difficult, at least in the episodes I’ve been on. Your jam metaphor is on point. At times it is like there is a flow coming on but it somehow gets diverted either by a call or by one of us not quite picking up on the groove and then all is just noise again.

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