Introducing Episode Twelve – Art

This week we will look into the Anarchist relationship with Art, in both its visual and conceptual modes. Art can be in natural affinity with the anarchistic impulse and often overlaps with radical politics directly, that is until it gets recuperated… How helpful are critiques of revolution, utopia and specialization for anarchists when considering art? How would a more aestheticized approach be valuable to us? Are artists self-creating individuals, merely workers or something else? What kind of art inspires us to create new worlds? In what ways does Art reinforce the ideology of the world we want to destroy?

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2 Replies to “Introducing Episode Twelve – Art”

  1. Soup & Oyster

    Not many callers so more conversation. Highlights for me
    – Art versus Craft. Some good and clear examples.
    – Briefly mentioning why Aragorn’s shows are not on Channel Zero .Would love to hear more on this.
    – Some off the offbeat artists in recent years and their antics.
    – Struggling over future topics. ( I suggested some last week.) Maybe do two topics and split the show an hour each.
    – How art impacts society and anarchism.
    – Commercialism in art and meaninglessness vs originality.
    The latest 5th estate has some interesting discussions on artists & society– ART—Richard Levins Morales

  2. Waldemar

    I think the whole topic thing is just too rigid, henc the low caller volume. It’s partly why I can never get into the TOW at anews. To me that gets farther away from the ajoda style essay/letter and magazine form which is more or less dead. If Anarchy Radio cover news “event” too much, then perhaps AB has focused the microscope too far in the revers direction. Whilst it is great to hear the @ folks up in Berkly being altogether human and sounding somwhat vulnerable, as a potential caller I consistently fail to engage enough within what seems these somwhat narrow, and yet rather abstracact, paramiters that are themselves too detached from everyday life. IDK, when I first read ajoda it grabed my attention due in part to my own frustration with the then existing media mind set of the mid ninties. Now in this fucked-up digital age, AB has the potential to do the same but with som miner structural tweaking. Good luck comrads.

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