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  • Introducing Episode Four – Capitalism

    This week our challenge is to stake our position on Capitalism. Great oppositional system against human self-expression and self-worth or greatest system against? Call in and let us discuss capitalism, […]

  • Episode Three

    This episode was about violence and how it distracts The conversation about violence is rarely a good one. Violence is referred to as if it is a choice, an individual […]

  • Anarchy Bang: Introducing Episode Three. Violence

    Download Episode Two A hundred people listened in to episode two. Another couple hundred downloaded it and checked it out later. Last week we talked about home (and land). This […]

  • Episode Two

    This episode was thematically about place. Where is Home? What is Home? This talk was at least half the episode concerned ideas around home and indigeneity. Also discussed were prefiguration, […]

  • Introducing Episode Two

    This Sunday (January 13th) at noon (PST 8 UTC) will be the second episode of Anarchy Bang a live call in show about Anarchy. This week is already lining up […]

  • Critical Feedback – Episode one

    I dont’ intend to do this for every episode but… it makes sense to do it for episode one and maybe if we get scandalous later on. Episode one was […]

  • Episode One

    Episode One of Anarchy Bang is filled with surprises. One is that the audio was a real challenge. Hopefully we will have that ironed out by next week. Two was […]

  • Episode Zero

    This was a testing the gear episode. It succeeded at that and we also had three calls (friends) and we talked about these topics… Technology Top 10 Science stories 2018 […]

  • Brief Introduction

    Welcome to Anarchy Bang. A weekly call-in show about (second wave) anarchism, an anarchist practice of daily life, and aging in what has been a youth sub-culture for the past […]