Podcast: Anarchy Bang

  • Episode 48 – Conflict

    This is the final Anarchy Bang (for the foreseeable future). After this rant-y editorial we had lots of great talk. About inhabit.global and from Ian, chuck, Lilly, Nettle, Ariel, Chisel, […]

  • Episode 47 – Holidays, Family, and Inhabit

    We are finding some local maximum as this project draws to a close. There is a reasonable conversation (thanks ariel!) for the first hour. A zoomer laughs at us and […]

  • Episode 46 – Aging (ok boomer)

    This was a great conversation with Nettle, chisel, damo and Aragorn! At the end we ranted about nerdy shit (like Star Wars and Xmen). The bulk of the episode involved […]

  • Episode 45 – Creativity

    Does it take a visual artist to talk about creativity? Of course not but we tried anyway. Two hours on creativity, grafitti, tattooing, subculture, and you! Creativity is actively implemented […]

  • Episode 44 – Intentional Communities

    Editorial # 1, by Ian I knew that I was an anarchist as soon as I discovered anarchism. But the things that anarchists are supposed to be doing, namely, activism […]

  • Episode 43 – Anarchist Music

    I anticipated a conversation about Anarchist Music. Where does it begin and end. What is great Anarchist Music today? Do Spotify set lists inform or infuriate? That is not what […]

  • Episode 42 – Anarchism and the Occult

    This episode was a great discussion with thelamic magician lew. We discussed many books, magic, the occult, sufi, PLW, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison. Some evidence can be found here. The […]

  • Episode 40: Democracy

    I guess sometimes you want to critique the critique and you only get to critique. This was that. We discussed Armenio for about 30 minutes. #RIP. He was a good […]

  • Episode 39: Anarchist Colonization of Mars

    We had a great, not-your-usual-left-anarchist conversation about literally “space travel to Mars” conversation that would not be derailed by usual Aragorn! provocations. If travel to Mars is 100 steps we […]

  • Episode 38: Anarchist Groups

    This is a short episode (one hour) due to lack of participation. I’ll devote more energy to getting to fill the studio moving forward. We discussed anarchist groups of the […]