Podcast: Anarchy Bang

  • Episode 37: Criticism/Self-Criticism

    After telling a little bit of my back story (and sharing the theoretical Red Docs https://groundworkbooks.wixsite.com/collective/collective-cu51) we discuss criticism and how to do it. How it demonstrates anarchism vs Maoism. […]

  • Episode 36: Non-Violent Communication

    This was an expert episode where someone who knows somethng about the topic (Ian) carries the conversation. I wish we had more of these kinds of episodes because I have […]

  • Episode 35: Gun Violence and Anarchy

    This episode was a responsible discussion about Gun Violence, Terrorism, and what we think can be done about broken men. Lots of fast talking conversation is had. Join us!

  • Episode 34: Identity Politics

    A great conversation with up to 10 people at the same time. We discussed the IAC at length, call out culture and whether it should be paid attention to at […]

  • Episode 33 – Anarchist Buddhism

    This was a very informed episode on all things Buddhist Anarchism. Three different schools of thought were represented. We discussed meditation, violence, activism, the conjoined form, the three jewels, the […]

  • Episode 32: Indigenous Anarchism

    Another episode where we lost 15 minutes to technical issues. We have to figure out our microphone issue. 🙂 I think we get a solid B on our discussion on […]

  • Episode 31: Prisoner Support

    Today we had major technical fail. Sorry about that. Of course I know you need to leave an hour for a Windows update and yes I didn’t leave that much […]

  • Episode 30: Solidarity

    This episode is about Solidarity. It mostly uses, as example, the Saskatchewan protest camp. At some point the discussion splits into one about negative vs positive identity, the working class […]

  • Episode 29 – Intentionality

    Anarchists rely on events for their talking points. It is hard to get past the urgency of now. This episode attempts to do that by talking about what matters about […]

  • Episode 28: Terrorism

    There is a story about terrorism that begins with “Propaganda by the deed” that is an anarchist story. We own that. It’s a thing. It relates to the anarchist past. […]