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  • Episode 40: Democracy

    I guess sometimes you want to critique the critique and you only get to critique. This was that. We discussed Armenio for about 30 minutes. #RIP. He was a good […]

  • Introducing Anarchy Bang: Episode 40 – Democracy

    This episode is going to be a bit meta. Anarchists have been critiquing the hell out of Democracy for about a decade, following in the footsteps of the best of […]

  • Episode 39: Anarchist Colonization of Mars

    We had a great, not-your-usual-left-anarchist conversation about literally “space travel to Mars” conversation that would not be derailed by usual Aragorn! provocations. If travel to Mars is 100 steps we […]

  • Introducing episode 39 – Anarchist Colonization of Mars

    In 1974 Ursula K. Le Guin published the science fiction novel “The Dispossessed”, which told the story of a movement of anarchists who collectively left an Earth-like planet to go colonize […]

  • Episode 38: Anarchist Groups

    This is a short episode (one hour) due to lack of participation. I’ll devote more energy to getting to fill the studio moving forward. We discussed anarchist groups of the […]

  • Introducing Episode 38 – Group Logic, pro and con

    We’d like to hear from you, either live during the show or by email before hand on your experience with anarchist groups. When have they done a great job of […]

  • Episode 37: Criticism/Self-Criticism

    After telling a little bit of my back story (and sharing the theoretical Red Docs we discuss criticism and how to do it. How it demonstrates anarchism vs Maoism. […]

  • Introducing Episode 37 – Criticism/Self-Criticism

    This week we are going to talk about a hypothetical topic of criticism and how it lives in the world as a political phenomenon. On the one hand we have […]

  • Episode 36: Non-Violent Communication

    This was an expert episode where someone who knows somethng about the topic (Ian) carries the conversation. I wish we had more of these kinds of episodes because I have […]

  • Introducing Episode 36 – Non-Violent Communication

    Nonviolent Communication (also known as “NVC” or “compassionate communication”) is a set of conceptual tools and a general worldview that a number of anarchists have found useful and at times […]