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  • Episode 24 – Books!

    This was a great episode where we each talked about 5 titles we cared about. We heard from others and generally had a great chat. Aragorn!1. Kage Baker – Sky […]

  • Introducing Episode 24 – Books

    As you might know books are kind of a thing around here. I am a book publisher, my cohosts are also involved in making and using books. This week we […]

  • Episode 23 – Second Wave Anarchy

    This was a great conversation about how to think/talk about the fact that most self-described anarchists are in fact poop. JK. In fact a good percentage of anarchists are working […]

  • Introducing Episode 23 – Second wave anarchy

    In this episode we will discuss the ways that anarchy has changed in the past 50 years. How our desire for a different world expresses itself in counter-culture, in protest […]

  • Episode 22: Sex

    This was a great episode and a great conversation. Lili, Nettle, Dom and A! discussed the history of sexual discourse in anarchism. We talked about poly, sex negativity, etc.

  • Introducing Episode 22: Sex

    Early 20th Century Anarchists, like Emma Goldman and Emile Armand, yearned for a new sexual liberty: polyamory, bisexuality, nudism, and fluid gender, if desired. This impulse did not come from […]

  • Episode 21 – Means and Ends

    This episode includes feedback on anews article on means and ends General discussion about means and ends evolving into a discussion about Necheyav and anarcho-pacifism Talk about the GSABF drama […]

  • Introducing Episode 21 – Means and Ends

    This week we are going to discuss the revolutionary potential of anarchism and the consequences of means and ends questions in that regard. Join in the conversation! Sunday at noon […]

  • Episode 20 – Dad is very disappointed in you

    As you age you begin to see the humor in starting sentences like “as you age.” You recognize that many, if not most, of the people who could learn from […]

  • Introducing Episode 20 – Dad is very disappointed in you

    This week we discuss aging out of the anarchist space. We have always known that anarchism in the late 20th and early 21st century has more in common with subcultures […]