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  • Introducing Episode 32 – Indigenous Anarchism

    Indigenous Anarchism can be defined in several ways. These different approaches to land, people, and language will be discussed this week. We’ll try to provide the framing to the different […]

  • Episode 31: Prisoner Support

    Today we had major technical fail. Sorry about that. Of course I know you need to leave an hour for a Windows update and yes I didn’t leave that much […]

  • Introducing Episode 31 – Prisoner Support

    If anarchism is a type of survival strategy to support living humanely and/or with other humans then we have to talk about the damage done to us in this world […]

  • Episode 30: Solidarity

    This episode is about Solidarity. It mostly uses, as example, the Saskatchewan protest camp. At some point the discussion splits into one about negative vs positive identity, the working class […]

  • Introducing Episode 30 – Solidarity

    If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together. […]

  • Episode 29 – Intentionality

    Anarchists rely on events for their talking points. It is hard to get past the urgency of now. This episode attempts to do that by talking about what matters about […]

  • Introducing Episode 29: Intentionality

    This week we will be discussing Intentionality. This is both intent toward a cause or action and your agency to act. You may want animals to have the full rights […]

  • Episode 28: Terrorism

    There is a story about terrorism that begins with “Propaganda by the deed” that is an anarchist story. We own that. It’s a thing. It relates to the anarchist past. […]

  • Introducing Episode 28 – Terrorism

    This week we will be discussing terrorism. Terrorism is the threat or use of violence in the pursuit of political goals. Obviously states use terrorism all the time to control […]

  • Episode 27 – An anarchist positive program

    This episode comes with an editorial and concerns whether anarchism is a negative or positive thing. Preferences are stated. For me anarchism has always been a two-sided coin. There is […]