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  • Episode 15 – Doing the Dishes

    Any conversation about doing the dishes is going to be mundane. In many ways this conversation represents the difference between an anarchist approach to politics and the approach of other […]

  • Introducing Episode Fifteen – Doing the Dishes

    This week we are going to discuss doing the dishes. The dishes are both code for the kind of responsibility we need to take in 1000 different contexts and the […]

  • Episode 14 – Violence redux

    Or “Punching Bob Black” This is our second discussion about violence. The first focused on the monopoly on violence that the State holds and is perhaps fairly defined as a […]

  • Introducing Episode Fourteen – Violence

    This week we are going to discuss violence. Does anarchism require consent from everyone? If it does is it necessarily pacifistic? If it doesn’t is it militaristic and/or terroristic? How […]

  • Episode Thirteen – Structure and topics

    This week we talked about what the future of the show should be. How do we structure what we talk about. How do we do it well? What is our […]

  • Introducing Episode thirteen – Structure and topics

    This week we are going to discuss structure in conversations, presentations, and in how anarchists present information. This week’s discussion is inspired by Waldemar and their comment on Episode 12. […]

  • Episode Twelve – Art

    If we look beyond the narrowly defined contours of Fine Art, we can see artistry across all human cultures, and likely in other species. Are Native American dancers doing “Performance […]

  • Introducing Episode Twelve – Art

    This week we will look into the Anarchist relationship with Art, in both its visual and conceptual modes. Art can be in natural affinity with the anarchistic impulse and often […]

  • Episode Eleven – Anarcho-Capitalism

    This is a funny topic. As a post-left anarchist I find the topic of communism vs. capitalism to be among the stupidest of false dichotomies. Obviously I understand the critiques […]

  • Introducing Episode Eleven – Anarcho-Capitalism

    This week we will try to discuss anarcho-capitalism. While we agree that ancaps are not anarchists in the sense that we use the word we don’t think that means they’re […]