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  • Episode Six – Technology

    This conversation ranged far and wide but was amazingly polite and productive. Or was it? Technology means … I apologize in advance that rather than being a short rant that […]

  • Introducing Episode Six – Technology

    Anarchy Bang is a weekly call in talk show where we sit around the digital campfire and talk about our favorite topics. This week we will try to have an […]

  • Episode Five – Urban vs Rural

    Of course we should leave! I, like most of you, had a plan in my twenties. I was going to do a thing to make a gob of money. Figured […]

  • Introducing Episode Five – Urban vs Rural

    This week we talk about the dream (for many many anarchists) of moving “back to land” and how it has worked out for those who have done it. Wouldn’t getting […]

  • Poll: How to answer calls

    We had a brief conversation (off mic) about how calls are answered. I like to dial in standard call answer (“This is Anarchy Bang podcast, I’m Aragorn! who am I […]

  • Episode Four – Capitalism

    How to talk about capitalism? Anarchists have largely agreed on the big two. Central to our politics is opposition to the State, or as we discussed last week the monopoly […]

  • Introducing Episode Four – Capitalism

    This week our challenge is to stake our position on Capitalism. Great oppositional system against human self-expression and self-worth or greatest system against? Call in and let us discuss capitalism, […]

  • Episode Three

    This episode was about violence and how it distracts The conversation about violence is rarely a good one. Violence is referred to as if it is a choice, an individual […]

  • Anarchy Bang: Introducing Episode Three. Violence

    Download Episode Two A hundred people listened in to episode two. Another couple hundred downloaded it and checked it out later. Last week we talked about home (and land). This […]

  • Episode Two

    This episode was thematically about place. Where is Home? What is Home? This talk was at least half the episode concerned ideas around home and indigeneity. Also discussed were prefiguration, […]