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  • Episode 35: Gun Violence and Anarchy

    This episode was a responsible discussion about Gun Violence, Terrorism, and what we think can be done about broken men. Lots of fast talking conversation is had. Join us!

  • Introducing Episode 35 – Gun violence and anarchy

    There have been 283 mass shootings in the US in 2019, so far. That is more than one a day. It is hard to contemplate an anarchy that solved big […]

  • Episode 34: Identity Politics

    A great conversation with up to 10 people at the same time. We discussed the IAC at length, call out culture and whether it should be paid attention to at […]

  • Introducing Episode 34 – Identity Politics

    A few weeks ago the IAC ( wrapped up with an all-too-familiar identity politics denouncement of the organizer(s) and some of the participants. There was little to report, as the […]

  • Episode 33 – Anarchist Buddhism

    This was a very informed episode on all things Buddhist Anarchism. Three different schools of thought were represented. We discussed meditation, violence, activism, the conjoined form, the three jewels, the […]

  • Introducing Episode 33 – Buddhist Anarchism

    Buddhist anarchism is something that has existed since the golden age of classical anarchism but has never solidified into anything resembling a movement, organization, or even a unified philosophy. Given […]

  • Episode 32: Indigenous Anarchism

    Another episode where we lost 15 minutes to technical issues. We have to figure out our microphone issue. 🙂 I think we get a solid B on our discussion on […]

  • Introducing Episode 32 – Indigenous Anarchism

    Indigenous Anarchism can be defined in several ways. These different approaches to land, people, and language will be discussed this week. We’ll try to provide the framing to the different […]

  • Episode 31: Prisoner Support

    Today we had major technical fail. Sorry about that. Of course I know you need to leave an hour for a Windows update and yes I didn’t leave that much […]

  • Introducing Episode 31 – Prisoner Support

    If anarchism is a type of survival strategy to support living humanely and/or with other humans then we have to talk about the damage done to us in this world […]