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  • Episode 26 – COINTELPRO

    This episode is about the historical reality of COINTELPRO (the federal counter intelligence program that from 1956-1971) that assumed that America was under attack by forces like The Black Panther […]

  • Introducing Episode 26: COINTELPRO

    COINTELPRO was a term to describe the surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting of domesitic (US) political organizations by state actors. This week we plan on describing and discussing what remains […]

  • Episode 25 – Nihilism

    When I first started thinking about nihilism is was with the simple goal of finding a way to talk about anarchist freedom (as opposed to constitutional or new age) from […]

  • Introducing Episode 25 – Nihilism

    About 17 years ago I made a proposal. Rather than saying that “do nothing” should be a call to leisure. I called for destruction for its own sake and without […]

  • Episode 24 – Books!

    This was a great episode where we each talked about 5 titles we cared about. We heard from others and generally had a great chat. Aragorn!1. Kage Baker – Sky […]

  • Introducing Episode 24 – Books

    As you might know books are kind of a thing around here. I am a book publisher, my cohosts are also involved in making and using books. This week we […]

  • Episode 23 – Second Wave Anarchy

    This was a great conversation about how to think/talk about the fact that most self-described anarchists are in fact poop. JK. In fact a good percentage of anarchists are working […]

  • Introducing Episode 23 – Second wave anarchy

    In this episode we will discuss the ways that anarchy has changed in the past 50 years. How our desire for a different world expresses itself in counter-culture, in protest […]

  • Episode 22: Sex

    This was a great episode and a great conversation. Lili, Nettle, Dom and A! discussed the history of sexual discourse in anarchism. We talked about poly, sex negativity, etc.

  • Introducing Episode 22: Sex

    Early 20th Century Anarchists, like Emma Goldman and Emile Armand, yearned for a new sexual liberty: polyamory, bisexuality, nudism, and fluid gender, if desired. This impulse did not come from […]